July 2019

Sam Selman

July 1, 2019

Well, it is July 1st, the River Cats are 42-40 and a half game behind Fresno for first place. The team keeps plugging away. The only player that is in the top 10 of PCL offensive categories is Abiatal Avelino who is second in the league only to Jorge Mateo with eight triples. The team leaders are: Mike Gerber who leads the team offensively in all categories with a .318 batting average, 52 runs, and 47 RBI, except for home runs, where Zach Green leads with 18. The team’s pitching is all over the place. Okert leads with five wins, Abad has nine saves, Ty Blach has an ERA of 6.10 and WHIP of 1.59, while Enderson Franco leads the team with 61 strikeouts.

Austin Slater was called up today, and Derrick Rodriguez was sent down. Slater has been hitting .308 with 12 home runs and 46 RBI. Pavs tweeted today that its probably temporary as the Giants want Rodriguez back, but they want Slater’s right-handed bat since they will be facing a lot of lefties in San Diego, as well as his versatility

The River Cats are celebrating Independence Day this weekend, and are wearing Red, White and Blue hats. It’s a Navy cap, red bill, and the RC logo with stars and stripes.

The River Cats are going with another “opener” today as Jandel Gustave will get the start, and Rico Garcia gets the ball for the Isotopes. Conner Menez will be coming in for the second inning for his regularly scheduled spot in the rotation.

After keeping an open mind about the “opener” all season, and even at one point thinking it might be a good idea, I have decided that I don’t like it. No specific reason, I’m just not feeling it.

The score is 0-0 as we enter the top of the fourth and Menez has given up two hits in his two innings of work. Roberto Ramos will be the first up to bat for the Isotopes.

Ramos singles to left.

Menez has just walked Dom Nunez and Jesus Azuaje to load the bases and that prompts a visit to the mound by Steve Kline.

Isotopes third baseman Peter Mooney up to bat, bases loaded, and no outs.

Sharply hit ball to Chris Shaw at first but he deflects it off his glove and it goes into short right field where Levi Michael is the first to get it, but he has no play. The shift allowed Mooney to get into second for a double scoring Ramos and Nunez, and its 2-0.

Runners on second and third with no outs for the pitcher Garcia coming to bat.

Garcia goes down swinging for out number one, and back to the top of the order.

Menez gives up back-to-back singles to Daza and Soto extending the ‘Topes lead to 4-0, and still only one out.

Here comes Brundy and that will be it for Menez tonight who only goes 2.1 innings, which is his shortest outing of the season, and allowing four. Still only one out, runners on first and second, and Venditte gets the ball for Sacramento, and will start off pitching right-handed.

Sam Hilliard hits it to Shaw at first who throws to Avelino for the force out at second, two down, runners at the corners.

Venditte switches to pitching left-handed to face Brian Mundell.

Double steal! Hilliard and Yaza break with the pitch and Yaza is going for home…

Tue pitch is a strike, and Daza is caught up between third and home.

Hilliard takes second on the play, but Daza is caught stealing for the third out, 2-6-2.

Garcia goes back out to the mound for the bottom of the fourth inning to face the top of the River Cats order Rickard, Ramos, and Gerber for the second time. He has held the Cats hitless through three.

Rickard takes an 0-2 pitch to left and there goes the no-no as the River Cats get their first hit of the game.

Ramos with an easy ground ball to short that could be two…

Soto bobbles the ball, and everyone is safe!

Isotopes pitching coach Brandon Emanuel comes out to talk to Garcia.

Zach Green steps into the box.

First pitch swinging and Green ties this game up with a grand slam! A no doubter over the Home Run Terrace in left field for his 19th home run of the season. It’s a new ballgame, 4-4.

Shaw grounds out to first for out number one.

Two more singles by Aramis and Avelino, and the Cats have figured Garcia out.

Levi Michael up to bat.

Wild pitch and both runners advance.

Levi Michael flies one to center, and it should be deep enough to score Aramis from third.

Aramis tags, and scores easily. 5-4 River Cats.

That’s going to be all for Garcia and the ‘Topes go to the bullpen.

Trent Fennell is now on the mound for Albuquerque.

Fennell walks Venditte and gets Rickard to ground out to the end inning, and the River Cats have the lead.

Both teams go down in order in the fifth.

Venditte goes back for another inning of work in the sixth, the Isotopes will be sending up Azuaje, Mooney, and the pitcher’s spot.

Venditte gets a fly out, and strike out, for two quick outs, and pinch hitting for the pitcher Fennell is Todd Isaacs.

Isaacs gets a base hit to center.

Yonathan Daza base hit.

Venditte walks Soto to load the bases for Hilliard.

Make this game 8-5 Isotopes as Hilliard just smashed his 21st home run, a grand slam to right.

Brian Mundell grounds out to the end inning, and James Pazos will be taking the mound for the Isotopes in the bottom of the sixth.

I hate public wedding proposals in front of thousands of people, and there was one between innings. The guy looked terrified doing it too and was visibly nervous and clumsy. I really do hope she knew it was coming, as I feel its really a mean thing to do to the person you’re proposing your love to.

The Isotopes would add another run in the top of the seventh from a home run by Roberto Ramos, and that would be all for the scoring for the night. The River Cats lose 9-5.

July 2, 2019

The River Cats will go with Andrew Suarez today and are a half game behind Fresno at the start of today’s game.

Dom Nunez has just about a whole section of the stands behind home plate here for him tonight. Shirts and signs everywhere supporting him and cheering loudly at every move he makes.

Tonight, has been all Suarez. Andrew pitched eight complete shutout innings, and while Sam Hilliard hit a two-run home run off Steven Okert in the ninth, the River Cats win 11-2. 

Everyone in the River Cats starting lineup got at least one hit, but Abiatal Avelino led the way with three hits, and three RBI, including a RBI double in the second, and solo home run to start the third.

July 3, 2019

Women in sports media have it rough. Outside of the constant sexual harassment they endure, and those who question their motives because they feel that they either don’t know the game or are cleat chasers, they still must carry themselves in a way that is both professional and appealing to the consumer. They are scrutinized for every imperfection because all eyes are on them for various reasons, most of which aren’t in their best interest. They also understand that they are trailblazers and role models for other women, and young girls who hope to work in the field.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Bridget Mulcahy day in and day out over the past two seasons here at Raley Field. Today I observed a moment in which she was that role model, and she filled that role perfectly. Prior to the game today a young girl who I guess was around eight or nine years old, peppered Bridget with questions about what she did, and would just stand there staring at her at times, and then follow up with a question about baseball. This went on for a couple of innings as she went back and forth between her seat and the edge of the third base dugout where the photo wells are located. Bridget handled it all like a champion as she engaged with the young lady by answering her questions and asking some of her own. It was a beautiful moment that I’ll never forget, and I wonder what seeds were planted and where that kid will be in 15-20 years from now. Will the kid remember Bridget’s name, or will she only be remembered as “the girl I saw at the game when I was a little girl”? Moments like this are what make me love what I’m doing, because its mind blowing to think that this three-hour game can shape lives and create memories that will endure with someone forever.

The River Cats will be using Sam Selman as the opener today who will be followed by Enderson Franco, while the Isotopes will have Kyle Freeland on the mound.

Selman picks up two strikeouts in the first as he easily sets the Isotopes down in order.

Enderson Franco is a new man. Six shutout innings, five strikeouts, and only one walk. The Cats take this one 1-0 on a solo home run in the bottom of the third by Steven Duggar who is officially back on the team, although initially he was listed as a rehab. Beede is also being sent down for now, technically, but it is for bereavement reasons. Ray Black has taken his place on the roster. A tip of the hat to Kyle Freeland of the Isotopes as well who pitched seven complete, striking out nine, and whose only mistake was the pitch that Duggar put over the fence.

July 4, 2019

243 years ago today, a powerful idea led to the birth of the greatest nation on earthy. 222 years later, I passed out in the delivery room. I have a 21-year-old today, Happy birthday kid!

Spending the day with the family, as the River Cats start a series in Reno against the Aces.

The River Cats lose and are now half a game back of Fresno.

July 5, 2019

Dereck Rodriguez gets his first start today after being sent down from the Giants. Taylor Widener gets the start for the Aces in the Biggest Little City.

Widener gives up a double in the first to Joey Rickard who is caught trying to steal third, so he essentially puts the River Cats down in order.

Rodriguez starts the inning by giving up a single to Cuertero and Andy Young doubles him in to get Reno on the board early, 1-0.

Travis Snyder with a two out double makes it 2-0, and Rodriguez strikes out Cody Decker to end the inning.

Zach Green starts the top of the second with the Oppotaco to make it 2-1.

Shaw grounds out, but after a couple of singles to Aramis Garcia and Levi Michael, Widener keeps the damage to a minimum with a flyout and strike out of Rodriguez. Rodriguez fought hard in his at bat, fouling off three with two strikes, but ultimately went down swinging to end the inning with two on.

Quick work of Murphy, DeLuzio, and Widener for Rodriguez, to the third we go.

The River Cats tie up the game in the top of the third when Steven Duggar opens the inning with a single just out of reach of second baseman Juniel Querecuto. Mike Gerber then comes up to double him in with one out, before Widener gets Green and Shaw to fly out to end the inning.

Querecuto lines out to to Duggar in centerfield for out number one in the bottom of the third.

Andy Young is having a night; after doubling in the first run of the game for the Aces in the first, he hits a home run to put the Aces back on top 3-2.

That ball may have flustered Rodriguez a bit as he walks Wyatt Mathisen.

Yasmany Tomas coming to the plate.

Tomas lines one to Shaw at first who steps on the bag to double up Mathisen for the unassisted double play. Inning over.

Garcia, Avelino, and Michael due up for the River Cats, and then Rodriguez’s spot if they get that far.

Aramis with the double to center.

Base hit up the middle by Avelino and they hold Garcia at third.

Runners on the corners for Levi Michael.

Avelino goes on the pitch, and he is thrown out by John Ryan Murphy for out number one. 1-0 count on Levi.

Michael goes down looking at strike three. Two down and Dereck Rodriguez coming up.

Wild pitch by Widener and the River Cats have tied this game up as Aramis scores from third. That’s the second wild pitch that Rodriguez has seen today that has allowed runners to advance.

Rodriguez goes down swinging for out number three, but another great at bat. He battled this one for eight pitches with four fouls.

Both teams go three up, three down in the fifth where Blach also replaced Rodriguez on the mound for the River Cats.

Zach Green takes a 1-0 pitch to deep centerfield and the River Cats pull ahead again here in the sixth, 4-3.

Widener strikes out Shaw and walks Aramis before being replaced by Stefan Crichton who right aways strikes out Avelino and Michael to end the inning.

Steven Duggar just takes a couple of steps and then just watches the first pitch to Yasmany Tomas go off the bat of Yasmany Tomas. All tied up, 4-4.

The rest of the inning goes quickly for Blach and the game goes into the seventh with him due up to bat for the River Cats.

Blach with an easy grounder to second base for the easy throw to first, one down.

The River Cats have come out ready to hit this inning.

Duggar gets things going with a single, followed up by a double from Rickard.

Mike Gerber reaches on a fielder’s choice as Tomas tries for the out at the plate, but Duggar beats the tag, and its 5-4 River Cats with two on the corners and one out.

Back-to-back hits from Green and Shaw extend this lead to 7-4 for the River Cats before Aramis hits into a 6-4-3 double play.

The pitcher’s spot is due up for Reno, and they pinch hit pitcher Braden Shipley for pitcher Stefan Crichten. This is not that crazy of a move as Shipley isn’t a horrible hitter having played shortstop at the University of Nevada-Reno when he was in college. 

Base hit for Shipley.

Querecuto slaps a hit on the first pitch he sees.

Blach throws one wild and both runners advance. He has thrown four pitches and has runners on second and third with no outs.

That will bring up Andy Young who already has two RBI on the night.

Young hits it to Avelino at short who flips it to Green at third for the tag on Querecuto for out number one. Braden Shipley scores on the play, and Young gets his third RBI of the night and is on first with a fielder’s choice, 7-5. One down.

Blach walks Mathisen and that will bring Kline to the mound for a discussion.

Yasmany Tomas walks on four pitches, and I think that was an intentional walk without being an intentional walk.

Travis Snider grounds to first where Chris Shaw throw to second to start the double play, one out, but the relay back to Shaw isn’t in time to get Snider. Andy Young scores, 7-6, with runners on the corners and two out.

Cody Decker up to bat.

Pop up on the right side, Shaw is there to make the play, and he drops the ball. That’s scored an error on Shaw, but it has no effect on the game.

Decker with a base hit to left, Mathisen scores and it’s tied up again, 7-7.

John Ryan Murphy flies out to left to end the innings. All tied up going to the eighth.

Marc Rzepcaynski takes the hill for the Aces in the eighth and sets the Cats down in order.

Reno takes the lead in the bottom of the eighth when Carlos Asuaje doubles to lead things off, and then, guess who. That is right, Andy Young doubles him in and its now 8-7 Reno.

Jimmie Sherfy comes in to close this game down in the ninth, and the River Cats are down to their last three outs.

Steven Duggar to start it off here for the River Cats.

Duggar goes down on swinging on three straight pitches, one down.

Joey Rickard with a double to left.

Tied ball game, again! Gerber with a double of his own to left and its 8-8.

Sherfy gives up a walk to Green, which brings out the Aces pitching coach to try to see what is going on with Sherfy before he faces Shaw.

Chris Shaw with a line drive to center, Gerber scores, Green to second, and the River Cats retake the lead! After blowing a three-run lead, the Cats have pulled ahead in the top of the ninth, and its now 9-8!!

Aramis goes the other way for a base hit to right, and the bases are loaded for Avelino.

Ground ball to second baseman Querecuto who steps on second for out number one, and throws in time to get Avelino at first, double play to end the inning, but now the Aces are down to their last three outs. The powerful Yasmany Tomas is due up, followed by Travis Snider, and Cody Decker.

Jandel Gustave replaces Ty Blach in the ninth for the River Cats.

Tomas with a base hit up the middle on the first pitch that he sees.

Travis Snider flies out to right on Gustave’s next pitch for out number one.

Gustave gets his first pitch over for strike one on Decker.

That ball is headed to left center, to the wall, and that ball is gone, this game is over!

Four total pitches by Gustave here in the bottom of the ninth and Cody Decker walks this off. Decker jumps on home plate and his teammates all jump on him. The Aces are celebrating, and Decker is giving everyone hugs and high fives, even the bat boy got a hug from him. What a crazy night.

July 6, 2019

Wins and losses matter in professional sports, it is after all a job, and after a tough loss like the River Cats took last night, I often wonder how many of them it affects and how many of them can just turn it off. My first real eye opener into the “this is just how I make a living” way of thinking took place last year when I asked Andrew McCutchen about him joining the Giants after all of the years he spent in Pittsburgh and if he was able to acclimate easily to which he responded, “It’s just baseball”, and at that moment my eyes were opened to just a glimpse of a player’s reality.

The River Cats look to bounce back from yesterday’s loss against Reno in game three of the series as they will send Conner Menez to the mound, and the Aces will start Matt Koch.

Conner Menez and Matt Koch have done an amazing job tonight as both pitchers have battled each other through six complete innings with the River Cats having scored the only run of the game with an RBI double from Zach Green that scored Joey Rickard in the top of the fourth, and its 1-0 River Cats going into the seventh. 

Matt Koch will end his night with six innings under his belt as the Aces bring in Ryan Atkinson to start the top of the seventh.

Avelino singles on a ground ball to left to start the inning.

Levi Michael first pitch swinging dribbles one back to Atkinson who throws the ball away trying to start the double play at second, Avelino heads to third and Michael is safe at first on the fielder’s choice, and error by Atkinson.

Mike Gerber will be batting for Menez now and gets a walk on four straight pitches. That will bring up Steven Duggar.

Duggar takes a 2-1 pitch and drops it over the right centerfield fence for a grand slam, 5-0 River Cats.

Atkinson gives up another walk, to Rickard, and that will be it as the Aces go to the bullpen. Lucas Luetge gets the ball.

Zach Green grounds into a double play, and Shaw flies out to end the inning.

Gerber will stay in the game and play left, replacing Rickard, and Coonrod comes in for Menez in the bottom half of the inning.

The River Cats go down in order in the top of the ninth, and Tyler Rogers comes in for Coonrod in the bottom of the eight.

Rogers gives up a solo home run to Yasmany Tomas, and the score is now 5-1 River Cats.

That will be all the runs needed in this game and the River Cats are back in the win column.

July 7, 2019

Its July 7th, but the River Cats pulled out their unused fireworks tonight and pounded the Aces by a score of 21-7 this afternoon in Reno.

The River Cats were down 2-0 after the first because of another Yasmany Tomas home run but tied it up in the second, only to relinquish the lead in the bottom half of the second and the score was 6-2.

The game was pretty much all River Cats the rest of the way starting in third where Chris Shaw hit a two-run home run, and Abiatal Avelino hit a three-run home run later that inning giving the River Cats the lead and they wouldn’t look back. 

Zach Green would hit his 22nd home run of the season, a three-run blast, in the seventh to make it 14-6.

Even pitcher Williams Jerez hit a home run, his first of the year, but given that he was originally drafted in the second round of the 2011 Major League Draft as an outfielder by the Red Sox its not all that surprising, but still exciting when you have a pitcher who rakes.

The Aces would add one more run in the bottom of the ninth when Travis Snider would hit a solo home run off Coonrod, but it was too little too late, and the River Cats would win this one 21-7.

The biggest news for me though was that Cody Decker announced his retirement today. He did not play this weekend for Reno, so his last professional at bat was Friday night when he walked off the River Cats with a home run in the bottom of the ninth. It makes me wonder if the retirement was already planned and this, just the whole thing worked out in such a perfect way for him. The way everyone was hugging him was a little more than the usual celebration on a walk off in July. Official announcement will take place tomorrow.

This series has been a great ending to the first half of the season as the League goes into the All Star break which begins tomorrow.

July 8, 2019

The Triple-A All Star break begins tonight so there are no games in the Pacific and International Leagues until Thursday, but the Triple-A Home Run Derby is tonight.

Yasmany “El Tanque” Tomas wins the Derby with an amazing total of 59 home runs. 

The Major League Home Run Derby was also held today, and what a crazy Derby it was with Joc Pederson and Vlad Guerrero Jr battling it off hitting 39, and 40 home runs respectively in the semi-final round. Ultimately Pete Alonso would win the whole thing by edging out Guerrero 23-22.

Sacramento’s Zach Green was also named Pacific Coast League Player of the Week today.

July 9, 2019

All Star break continues.

July 10, 2019

Tonight, is the Triple-A All Star Game. Sam Selman, Fernando Abad, and Pat Venditte have been selected to represent the River Cats, and manager Dave Brundage will be managing the team in front of a sell out crowd in El Paso.

The Pacific Coast League would go on to win by a score of 9-3 and Selman would make a perfect appearance for two thirds of an inning, and Abad would close out the game, also with two thirds of an inning and striking out one. 

July 11, 2019

Sacramento’s statistical team leaders at the halfway point by category are as follows:


Wins: Okert & Suarez (5) Saves: Abad (10), ERA: Suarez (5.90) Strikeouts: Franco (65).


Average: Gerber (.316), Runs: Gerber (60), Home Runs: Green (22), RBI: Green (55).

The River Cats start the second half of the season facing their division rival Fresno Grizzlies who are currently just a half game out of first place behind the River Cats. This will be a four-game series that can really set the second half of the season for either of these teams. Tonight’s game will feature Enderson Franco who has become a new pitcher as of late and one of the best the River Cats have to offer, and he will face Joe Ross for Fresno.

Amdrew Stevenson starts this game off with a double for the Grizzlies.

Franco pops up Wilmer Difo, and then proceeds to strike out Carter Kieboom, two down.

Jose Marmolejos is coming up to bat.

Cristhian Adames who is not in the game is waving to Marmolejos from the dugout, and Marmolejos gives a nod in response to the gesture when he notices. I do not know if they know each other but it was interesting to watch, as Marmolejos went back to reading the signs from his third base coach.

Marmolejos walks.

Franco strikes out Brandon Snyder to end the inning.

The River Cats will have Duggar, Rickard, and Gerber to start off the bottom of the first.

Franco has kept Grizzlies bats silent today except for another double by Stevenson in the top half of the third. River Cats coming to bat.

The River Cats get back-to-back singles from Avelino and Michael to start the third.

Franco drops the perfect bunt to advance the runners, bringing up Steven Duggar.

Duggar hits one hard to third and it deflects off the glove of Brandon Snyder and caroms to Difo at short, but Duggar’s speed allows him to beat the throw and Avelino scores, 1-0 River Cats. 

Rickard flies to right, and Gerber grounds out to end the inning.

Three singles in the fourth by the Grizzlies scores one to tie the game before Franco strikes out Joe Ross to end the inning, and the score is 1-1.

Double by Zach Green to start the bottom of the fourth.

Two fly outs by Shaw and Aramis Garcia, brings up Avelino.

Avelino takes one the other for a double and Green scores to retake the lead 2-1.

Levi Michael at the plate.

Ross tries to pick off Avelino on second and throws the ball away, Avelino to third.

Michael with the grounder to third, and Snyder can’t handle the ball, Avelino scores, and Michael is safe on first. Snyder will be charged with an error and its 3-1.

Franco goes down swinging to end the inning.

The Grizzlies get on base via a walk to Wilmer Difo, and a single by Marmolejos. They’re not able to score and Franco picks off Difo at second base for the third out with Brandon Snyder at the plate. The River Cats also add one in the fifth when Duggar reaches on a walk, steals second, and is knocked in by Gerber with a close play at the plate. The score through five is 4-1.

Brandon Snyder is hit with a pitch here in the sixth inning after being left at the plate to end the fifth with the Difo pick off.

Jake Noll singles, and Matt Reynolds walks. Franco get Taylor Gushue to pop up for the first out.

One down, bases loaded, and her comes Brundage. That will be all for Franco who goes five and a third innings, allowing three runs on seven hits with four strikeouts.

Okert will be coming in to face pinch hitter Alec Keller who is hitting for pitcher Joe Ross.

Keller doubles to center, Snyder scores, Noll scores, and Reynolds goes to third. The score is now 4-3.

Okert strikes out Stevenson and gets Difo to pop up to end the inning.

James Bourque will be coming in for Fresno to replace Ross.

Aramis starts the inning with a single but that will be all that the River Cats can do. There was kind of an interesting play to note though.

Levi Michael got lucky on a pop up to first baseman Jake Noll in his. Noll stepped into the Grizzlies dugout to make the catch, and the umpire said that it did not count. Noll argued that he had reached over and that his momentum took him into the dugout but to me, although I agree that it was his forward motion that took him into the dugout, it looked like he had actually taken at least one step into the dugout before he actually caught the ball, so I think the umpire made the right call on this one. Michael would end up striking out, so the River Cats were unable to capitalize on that call.

Tyler Rogers comes in for Okert in the seventh, allows a single to Brandon Snyder but that will be all as the game goes into the bottom of the seventh still 4-3 River Cats.

Taylor Guilbeau comes in to pitch for the Grizzlies in the bottom half of the inning.

Steven Duggar with a base hit to left.

Rickard comes up with a double to right field which easily scores Duggar with his speed from first and its 5-3 River Cats.

Guilbeau hits Gerber and that’s going to bring out Fresno’s pitching coach to have a word with him.

The River Cats have runners on first and second with no outs and Zach Green coming to the plate.

Dribbler back to the pitcher, Guilbeau goes for the sure out at first and the runners advance for Chris Shaw.

Shaw comes through with a hit right up the middle scoring Rickard and Gerber, and the River Cats extend the lead to 7-3.

Aramis grounds into a 5-4-3 double play to end the inning.

The Grizzlies open up the eighth with a double by Matt Reynolds, and a two-run home run by Taylor off of Tyler Rodgers here in the eighth and its now 7-5.

Yadiel Hernandez is pinch hitting now. Hernandez, an All-Star, has 19 home runs and 56 RBI so far this season.

That will be it for Rogers and Williams Jerez will take his place. Brundy is waiting until the home plate umpire tells him to make a move before he takes out Rogers. As soon as someone told him that the umpire was on his way, he called to the bullpen.

Umpire Clemons took a second longer than normal to talk to Brundy while he was out there.

Jerez closes out the inning but made it interesting by giving up a double to Stevenson and a walk to Kieboom.

The River Cats tack on another run in the bottom of the eighth from a Steve Duggar double that scores Levi Michael that makes it 8-5, and that will be all the River Cats need on the night as they pull this one out and extend their lead over the Grizzlies to one and a half games. 

July 12, 2019

The New York Mets have released outfielder Matt Kemp from their Triple-A team and Twitter is all a buzz with all kinds of chatter about it, but what really fascinates me is that people feel that professional athletes owe the teams that employ them anything other than what’s on the contracts they sign. The player’s feelings, families, and lives should be their priority, and not loyalty to a franchise or fan base. That being said, if I owned any of these teams, I would take a gamble with a Minor League deal for Kemp.

The Giants have signed Cristhian Adames, and he will be reporting to Sacramento. Cristhian played with the Rockies from 2013-2017, but he wasn’t in the Majors last year.

Adames was in the dugout when I got to the game tonight, but he isn’t in the lineup.

Yoanys Quiala gets the start today for Sacramento while Logan Ondrusek will throw for Fresno.

The first inning goes by quickly as both pitchers have easy 1-2-3 innings.

Quiala has given up four straight hits starting with a single, a two-run shot, solo shot, triple and a single to the pitcher, and the Grizzlies take the lead 4-0 here in the second.

Quila gets Chuck Taylor to ground out, and then the River Cats end the inning on a strike ‘em out, throw ‘em out double play.

Ramos cuts the lead in half with a two-run home run here in the bottom half of the inning, and its 4-2.

This has not been Quiala’s night. The Grizzlies have hit him well, he’s been wild, and now he just gave up the third home run of the night to Raudy Read which now gives the Grizzlies a 10-2 lead. That will be it for Quiala, and Dillon McNamara will come in to replace him and finish off the fifth.

Ondrusek has retired 10 straight batters since the home run to Ramos in the second, but he just walked Michael in the bottom of the fifth, but nothing comes of it.

Andrew Stevenson gets a lead off single in the top of the sixth, but McNamara sets the next three down in order.

Duggar goes down swinging to start the bottom of the sixth for the River Cats.

Gerber to the wall in center for a double, and a walk to Zach Green brings up Chris Shaw.

Shaw knocks in Gerber with a base hit, that will be it for Ondrusek, and its 10-3.

Joan Baez, yes, I said Joan Baez and no with the dad jokes, comes in to pitch for the Grizzlies and right away gets Francisco Pena to ground into an inning ending double play.

Coonrod in for McNamara to start the seventh.

Raudy Read is a single shy of the cycle today for the Grizzlies as he faces off against Coonrod who gets him to ground out to Chris Shaw at first, and that will probably be Read’s last at bat.

To date Adam Duvall has been the only River Cats player to hit for the cycle, and that was back in 2015.

Baez was called out at first for the final out of the seventh, but it really looked like he beat that out. Johnny Doskow even mentioned it on the radio broadcast.

Pinch hitting for Coonrod, Cristhian Adames gets his first plate appearance for the River Cats in the bottom of the seventh; he almost hits one out but gets a long single off the wall in left field. Welcome to Sacramento.

Adames loads the bases with that hit after Avelino had singled, and Michael reached on a fielder’s choice, and the count is 3-0 on Duggar with one out.

Ball four and Avelino comes in to make it 10-4. Gerber to the plate.

Baez walks Gerber and another run comes in, 10-5 River Cats trailing.

Baez is done and Michael Blazek comes in for Fresno, the bases are still loaded with one out.

Blazek strikes out Green and Shaw to end the threat.

Sam Selman is coming in for the River Cats in the top of the eighth.

The media department has put on the Angels game in the press box, and we really aren’t paying attention to the River Cats game right now. In honor of Tyler Skaggs, who was found dead in his hotel room on July 1, the Angels are all wearing #45 tonight and had Tyler’s mom throw out the first pitch. They are now three outs away from a combined no hitter against the Mariners.

Wow! They did it!

 A combined no hitter which included Mac Williamson being the first out in the ninth with a long fly ball that had Pena worried.

The Angels are putting their uniforms on the mound in Skaggs’ memory.

The Grizzlies and River Cats both added a run in the ninth inning, including a solo home run by Levi Michael for a final score of 11-6, but we had all lost interest by this point because everyone was an Angels fan tonight.

July 13, 2019

Star Wars theme night here at Raley Field. The last one didn’t seem to be very exciting so I’m curious to see how things turn out tonight. It also happens to be Harrison Ford’s birthday, he played Han Solo in the Star Wars films for any of you who might not know that.

The River Cats are wearing an alternate jersey for tonight’s game. They are black pull overs with two red horizontal stripes on each sleeve, and Darth Vader’s helmet on the chest with River Cats in red script beneath it. They don’t look bad in my opinion, but they don’t excite me either.

The umpires were escorted out onto the field by Storm Troopers tonight which was a nice tough.

Conner Menez will be going up against one of Washington’s top prospects Ben Braymer who was just promoted from Double-A where he was selected as an Eastern League All Star.

The Cats got the scoring early in the first with a leadoff double from Avelino, and a base hit from Zach Green to knock him in for the first run of the game. From that point on it was pretty much a pitching duel.

A solo home run in the bottom of the fourth, and another RBI single from Green in the fifth would all the River Cats would need to pull out a 3-2 win over Fresno who scored their runs in the fifth and ninth for a final of 3-2 River Cats.

July 14, 2019

Ray Black was optioned today back to Sacramento to make room for Dereck Rodriguez who will be starting the second game of a double header for the Giants tomorrow. Tyler Beede is also being activated to the roster after having to take some personal time after his last start. I understand that he did have a bullpen session in Richmond but is now back with the big club.

The Grizzlies played long ball, while the River Cats did it with small ball that led to the game being tied at 2-2 going into the ninth inning. Solo home runs from Brandon Snyder in the second and Raudy Read in the seventh put runs on the board for Fresno, while the River Cats relied on a bases loaded walk in the fourth, and an RBI double by Cristhian Adames in the sixth that scored Mike Gerber who had led off the inning with a double.

Fernando Abad is still on the mound here in the ninth for the River Cats after coming in with one out in the eight to relieve Ty Blach. Blach had his best outing of the season going 7.1 innings with five strikeouts, his only mistakes were the two solo home runs that he allowed.

Brandon Snyder leads off the inning with a home run to left and the Grizzlies regain the lead 3-2.

A base hit by Read, and double for Chuck Taylor and the Grizzlies have three straight hits to start the ninth with no outs. Wilmer Difo coming to bat.

Difo grounds to Garcia at first and the runner’s hold, one out.

Abad gets Stevenson to go down swinging for out number two, bringing up Matt Reynolds.

Base hit to left by Reynolds!

Read scores, 

the throw in from Rickard in left is cutoff by Adames at third,

Stevenson scores,

Adames throws to Aramis Garcia who moved over to cover second from first on the play and they throw out Reynolds who tried to extend his single to a double and the inning is over.

The two runs count and the Grizzlies lead 5-2 as the game goes into the bottom of the ninth.

The Cats will have Duggar, Rickard, and Gerber due up.

Duggar starts the inning off with a single to right.

Rickard with a long drive to left center that bounces over the wall for a ground rule double. Duggar is held up at third, but I think he could of scored from first on that one with his speed.

Gerber with the routing ground ball to Kieboom at short, he looks back Rickard at second, and makes the easy throw to first to get Gerber, but Duggar scores on the play and its 5-3 Grizzlies.

Chris Shaw is coming into the game to pinch hit for Abad.

The Grizzlies pitching coach comes out to talk to George Kontos.

Kontos retires Shaw on a ground out to second and Rickard advances to third on the play, two down for Francisco Pena.

Pena smack the first pitch he sees down the line in left, Rickard scores, and the River Cats are down by one, 5-4.

Henry Ramos will come in to pinch run for Pena at second as Aramis Garcia comes to the plate.

Kontos gets Garcia out on three straight pitches and the catcher goes down swinging. Ball game.

Well, the Cats couldn’t hold on to this, and are now just half a game in front of Fresno. At least they were able to split the series and keep the half-game lead.

July 15, 2019

The Giants were making moves today. Sam Coonrod was called up, Evan Longoria was sent to IL, Ray Black was added back to the Giants roster, then almost immediately optioned back to Sacramento to make room for Dereck Rodriguez.

The Giants also added Casey Meisner to the River Cats roster from San Jose to make a start today. I don’t know anything about this guy. He was a third-round pick by the Mets in 2013, bounced around, and was just released by the Cardinals in their minor league system before being signed by the Giants and sent to San Jose. He will be facing Jason Alexander, but not George Castanza.

Duggar, Rickard, and Gerber all single to start the game and the River Cats get the early lead to make it 1-0.

Green grounds out, but it allows Rickard to score.

Shaw follows up and knocks in Gerber.

The River Cats look like they have the same hot bats as the Giants did earlier today and its 3-0.

Henry Ramos hits into a fielder’s choice as the Bees take the lead runner for the second out, and Aramis Garcia continues the hit parade in the first with another single.

Cristhian Adames keeps this going and Ramos scores to make it 4-0. I do not remember the last time the River Cats came out swinging like this.

The Bees finally get out of the inning as Avelino grounds out.

Meisner will come out to make his Triple-A debut with a four-run lead.

The Bees get one back in the bottom of the inning with a Wilfredo Tovar RBI single that scores Taylor Ward.

Top of the lineup due for the River Cats in the second. 

The Cats start off right where they left off. Duggar, Rickard both single and Gerber hits a double and reaches third on an error and the Cats add two more runs.

Wild pitch and Gerber scores.

Green doubles, and Shaw follows up with a double of his own to make it 8-1.

Anderson walks Henry Ramos and that is all for him. The Bees go to the bullpen and bring in Zac Ryan.

After striking out Aramis Garcia, Ryan walks Adames and the bases are loaded for Avelino.

Avelino knocks in a run with an infield single and its now 9-1.

Duggar hits into a fielder’s choice, but that allows the 10th run to score with two out.

Rickard strikes out to end the inning.

Meisner is cruising along here in the game and allows a run in the bottom of the third off a Wilfredo Tovar double who seems to be the only Bee who has figured him out, and its 10-2 after three.

Keynan Middleton is on a rehab assignment from the Angels and will get some work here tonight.

After getting on base with a walk to start the fourth, Aramis Garcia comes around to score on a Duggar fielder’s choice after Adames and Avelino advance him to third, 11-2.

The Bees pick up another run in the bottom half of the inning after Nick Franklin starts off with a double and is knocked around by a couple of groundouts by Josh Thole and Bo Way before Taylor Ward pops up to end the fourth and its 11-3.

Chris Shaw leads off the fifth with his 11th home run of the season and he is 4-4 tonight. A rope to right field and its now 12-3 Sacramento.

We have a position player pitching as Kaleb Cowart comes in to pitch here in the seventh for the Bees.

Cowart starts it off by striking out Zach Green.

He gets Shaw out for the first time tonight on a fly ball to centerfield.

Ramos and Garcia single but then Adames grounds out and he shuts down the Cats in the seventh.

Steven Okert starts the bottom of the seventh by striking out Taylor Ward, but it all kind of went downhill from there.

An error by Green, followed by a home run from Jared Walsh and the Bees now trail 12-5.

Okert gives up a double on the very next pitch to Cowart, and Tovar knocks him in with a single.

Okert walks Lund, and that will be the end for him.

Brundy comes out and replaces him with Dillon McNamara.

McNamara strikes out Nick Franklin for the second out, but then gives up an RBI single to Josh Thole before he retires the inning.

The Bees are chipping away at this game and its 12-7.

Another position player is coming in for Salt Lake.

Making his professional debut as a pitcher is Jose Rojas.

The first pitch to Avelino is 58 mph and a bouncer wide.

He starts off Avelino with 3 balls, and then gets him to pop up. Steven Duggar to follow.

Bees’ broadcaster Steve Klauke jokes that Rojas is throwing a curveball and a changeup as every pitch is just kind of floating all over the place and no one knows where it’s going.

Duggar walks, Rickard singles, and he gets Gerber and Green to flyout.

It was ugly, but Rojas got it done.

Nick Franklin takes his turn on the mound here in the top of the ninth for the Bees. This is the third position player to come in to throw for the Bees tonight in successive innings. Franklin has pitched in the Majors, but this is his Minor League debut.

Chris Shaw is a triple shy of the cycle, and he is 4-5 tonight. Make that 5-6 with another single.

Franklin strikes out Ramos and gets Garcia to ground into a DP to end the inning.

Surprisingly enough the position players did a way better job at containing the River Cats than the pitching staff did.

Gustave comes in to close out the game. He hasn’t been himself in his last few outings, so I’m starting to worry about what may happen here.

Gustave started off well by striking out Lund, but he has since given up a single, two walks, and two singles, and the score is now 12-9. That will be it for Gustave and Brundy goes and gets Jerez.

Jerez hits Jared Walsh the first batter he faces with the bases loaded and its 12-10.

Cowart reaches on a fielder’s choice, but that Cats pick up out number two on the force at second, but Ward scores to make it 12-11, and that will bring up Tovar.

Garcia picks off Rojas at third to end the game!

Cowart on broke to second on the first pitch to Tovar, Garcia pumped a fake throw, turned, and nails Rojas trying to get back to the base on an attempted double steal. What an end to this crazy game with an even stranger ending.

This was a four hour and seven-minute game.

Chris Shaw went 5-6, and is the first player since, well Chris Shaw on April 11, 2018, to get five hits in a game for the River Cats.

A quick note on Mike Yastrzemski today; Yaz became the first Giants rookie to have four hits and four runs in a game since 2002 when current River Cats hitting coach Damon Minor accomplished the feat.

July 16, 2019


Andrew Suarez has been added to the Giants roster and Black and Coonrod are back to Sacramento.

Today will be a double header to make up a game from April 16 when they were rained out in Salt Lake. Game One will have Enderson Franco starting, and Dillon Peters, and Parker Bridwell will start the games for the Bees respectively, so the Cats have a road to climb.

Peters holds the River Cats to a single in the top of the first, Bees coming to bat.

Suarez gives up a solo home run to Jose Rojas, and that’s number 20. The Bees take an early lead, 1-0. 

Ramos ends the first inning by throwing out Kowart at second trying to extend a single into a double.

Not much action until the bottom of the third now where Suarez got the first two outs before giving up a solo shot to Taylor Ward to left. Rickard just watched it go, and its 2-0.

Make that 3-0 Bees as Jose Rojas goes oppo-taco for his second home run of the game.

Jared Walsh flies out to left to end the inning.

The top of the fourth goes quickly but Aramis Garcia gets one back with a solo shot to make it 3-1.

The Bees add on another two runs here in the bottom of the fourth as Josh Thole knocks in Tovar and Lund who singled and doubled earlier in the inning, 5-1 Salt Lake leads.

After Levi Michael singles with one out in the top of the fifth, Mike Gerber hits a shot to right center and Dillon Peters knew it was gone and he threw up his hands up in the air as soon as it was hit. That is number 18 for Gerber to make it 5-3.

Peters gets Rickard to ground out and Green to strike out, his sixth of the game, to get out of this inning.

The Bees continue to sting Franco here in the fifth. Taylor Ward and Jose Rojas with back-to-back doubles makes this 6-3, and that’s Rojas’ third RBI of the game.

Franco walks Walsh but gets Kaleb Cowart to ground into a double play, two down.

Tovar with a double up the left center alley and Rojas comes in and its 7-3.

Now Brandon Lund gets a triple and its 8-3 and there are still two outs.

Rodolfo Martinez starts to warm up for the River Cats. Apparently, he was just brought up from San Jose. This is the first I have heard of this guy, so there is not a lot to say.

It seems like every time the Cats start to close in the Bees add some more runs. Luckily this is all the damage that Salt Lake will do in this inning. The Cats have six more outs to come back in this first game of the double header.

Christ Shaw singles off the glove of Tovar to start the inning, and Francisco Pena doubles to center off the glove of Way.

Aramis Garcia knocks in Shaw and Pena and the score is now 8-6 and the River Cats continue to creep in on the lead.

Jake Jewell will be replacing Dillon Peters here in the sixth and he will face Henry Ramos.

Ramos singles, but with a double play and ground out, Jewell is able to shut down the River Cats.

Rodolfo Martinez makes his River Cats debut as he replaces Franco here in the bottom of the sixth. He started the year in Richmond and then was sent to Arizona and San Jose for some rehab and was just called up to Sacramento today.

Martinez is having a rough go at this. Two singles and a double to open the bottom of the sixth and one run comes in.

Martinez just can’t find the strike zone now and walks Walsh and the bases are loaded for Caleb Kowart.

Kowart walks, and a run scores.

Still no outs and bases loaded.

Wilfred Tovar grounds into a double play but that plates Jose Rojas, 11-5.

Brennon Lund up to bat, and Martinez throws a wild pitch allowing Walsh to score and its now 12-5.

It’s a little too late, but Lund strikes out and Martinez gets out of the inning.

Since it’s a double header this is only a seven-inning game, and the Cats have three outs to tie this or take the lead. Gerber, Rickard and Green will be due up.

The Cats lose this one 12-5. They will have a 30-minute break before they start Game Two. 


The Bees will start Parker Bridwell in Game Two, and Sacramento will be going with a bullpen game as Tyler Rogers gets the ball as an opener. It is Rogers’ second career start the last being three years ago for Sacramento.

Duggar gets a walk to open the game, but then the next three batters ground out to end inning.

Aramis Garcia is playing left today for the River Cats.

Rogers who is normally tough to hit is having a hard time with this game as he has allowed a single, double, and home run to start the game and the River Cats are now down 3-0.

Rogers gives up two more hits, and one more run, but the Cats are able to get out of the inning by Ronnie Freeman gunning down Brendan Lund.

Its 4-0 and Rogers threw 35 pitches in the first inning.

Aramis Garcia starts the second inning with a single and scores all the way from first on a double by Adames!

The shift was on for Adames to pull the ball batting left-handed, and he slices it fair down the left field line.

Nice play by Bridwell for the first out as Ramos hits one right back to him and Bridwell grabs it right on his hip and throws to first for the out.

After a Freeman hit, Michael hits it back off the glove of Bridwell and it bounces to Tovar giving Ramos enough time to score and its now 4-2.

Bridwell gets out of the inning with no further damage.

Chris Shaw doubles here with one out in the third, and Adames comes up and gets another RBI to make it 4-3 with two outs.

Cristhian Adames is something else. I have heard of him, but never have seen him play so it’s been a real treat and he is doing fairly well in his short time with Sacramento.

Ramos singles to right and Brendan Lund misplays the ball, and it rolls to the wall. Adames scores and Cabrera is waving Ramos home!

Ramos with the headfirst slide into home and the River Cats take the lead 5-4.

The Bees get out of the inning when Ronnie Freeman grounds to third.

Sam Selman comes in to replace Tyler Rogers in the top of the third. Selman is having an amazing year and has not allowed a run in his last 14 innings. 

Make those 15 innings as he sets down the Bees.

Levi Michael gets a single only to be a part of a strike ‘em out, throw ‘em out double play with Duggar. Two down here in the top of the fourth.

Earlier this year I was complaining that Avelino needs to figure out how to drive that ball just a few more feet as he had been coming up short with a lot of balls ending up at the warning track. Well, he has figured that out tonight as he hits his ninth home run of the season here in and its 6-4.

Gerber grounds out to end the inning.

Jandel Gustave replaces Selman in the bottom of the fifth.

No one has scored and not much to report since the top of the fourth and Abad enters the sixth replacing Gustave.

Abad gives up four singles in the inning allowing the Bees to score two more and the game is tied going into the seventh. Avelino, Gerber, and Shaw are due up.

Avelino hit a home run in his last at bat, and he pops up for the first out.

Gerber goes down swinging, two down.

Chris Shaw gets things going with a single to right bringing up Aramis Garcia. 

There it goes!

Garcia with his 14th home run of the season to left center and the River Cats regain the lead 8-6!

Since this is part of a double header, the Bees will have to come back in the bottom of the seventh.

The River Cats are making some defensive switches. Rickard goes to left, Garcia goes to first, and Shaw comes out of the game. Coonrod comes in to close out the game for Abad.

That’s the ballgame! Two strikeouts and a pop-up end the game and the River Cats win 8-6.

July 17, 2019

Yoanys Quiala gets the ball tonight and he had a tough outing in his last game where he gave up 10 runs in a loss to Fresno including three home runs in four and a third innings. He’ll be facing JC Ramirez for the Bees.

Bees shut down the River Cats in the top of the first and are coming to bat.

Jose Rojas is on fire. After Taylor Ward went down swinging for the first out, Rojas just hit a solo home run, his fourth in this series. He absolutely crushed that one and it would still be going if it didn’t hit the scoreboard. That is Quiala’s 17th home run allowed.

Jared Walsh strikes out for out number two.

Quiala gives up another home run.

Kaleb Cowart hits one to right and its 2-0.

Quiala gets out of the inning, but the damage is done.

Francisco Pena puts the River Cats on top here in the bottom of the second inning. Chris Shaw singles, Cristhian Adames doubles and Pena goes deep. Its 3-2 River Cats.

Quiala has allowed three straight hits here in the bottom of the fourth and the Bees have tied it up off a single by Nick Franklin which scores Cowart. The Cats get out of the inning thanks to a force out and a double play.

Garcia walks to start the fifth and moved over to third on a single by Pena. Michael grounds out but that’s enough to score Garcia from third and the River Cats take the lead again, 4-3.

The Bees get that run back with a double to start the fifth from Bo Way, followed by two walks, including an intentional walk, and a ground out by Jared Walsh. Quiala goes on to strike out Cowart to end the inning. 4-4.

One out in the seventh and Levi Michael goes deep for his ninth home run.

This back and forth makes for great baseball, but it sure is stressful, 5-4 River Cats.

Duggar walks but is thrown out trying to steal second. One of the things that the Giants want Duggar to work on down here is his stealing. They feel that he should be doing a lot more with his speed.

Rickard doubles and Gerber does what he does hitting a two-run home run to extend the lead to 7-4.

Travis Bergen comes in to replace Quiala and gives up a run on an RBI single to Cowart. 7-5.

Sam Wolff comes in to replace Bergen in the eighth. This is Wolff’s River Cats debut and easily sets down Bees by only allowing a hit.

Top of the ninth and the Cats are leading 7-5. Pena flies out, and Michael walks. Duggar singles and sends Michael to third. Rickard with a sac fly to score Michael and the Cats extend the lead 8-5.

Wolff comes in for his second inning of work and shuts down the Bees to earn his first save and the River Cats win the game!

July 18, 2019

Lots of changes today. Suarez sent back to Sacramento. Jerez recalled, Gustave added to 40-man and optioned to Sacramento. Sam Wolff after one appearance sent back to Richmond. Brandon Beachy called up to start from Richmond. Meisner back to San Jose, Franco to San Jose and I don’t know if that’s just a paper thing or they need him to work on anything. I think that catches us up.

People on Twitter are upset that Zach Green is not getting a chance, but Pavs thinks he will be up after the trade deadline. I think the Gustave add to the 40 is interesting as the guy just is not that reliable. Pavs tweeted that the Giants needed a long man, but Sac has been using him as a set up or closer and he is not’ that great in those jobs as of late. He has a whip over 1.60. Slap in the face to Selman and Okert, but I guess they may have wanted a righty which is all he seems to have going for him. Abad was skipped over too, although he is on the 40-man.

The River Cats have won two in a row, and luckily Fresno has helped by losing three in a row and are now three games behind the River Cats coming into tonight’s matchup.

I didn’t catch a lot of the game tonight because I’ve been getting ready for a last-minute trip to Boise, Idaho in the morning. I don’t know what’s going on there this weekend, but I haven’t been able to find a room anywhere outside of the shadiest of motels.

While the River Cats took an early lead, they would end up dropping this game by a score of 9-6 to the Salt Lake Bees. They were leading 3-1 after three, but then three home runs from the Bees put the game out of reach. Zach Green did hit a solo shot in the bottom of the ninth, but it was too little too late.

July 19, 2019

Road trippin’ to where my Minor League baseball experience began, Boise, Idaho. The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes short season affiliate of the San Francisco Giants start a series against the Boise Hawks tomorrow through Monday. I’m looking forward to seeing recently drafted first round pick Hunter Bishop, Alexander Canario, and Logan Wyatt, as well as visiting the park where I first went to a minor league game back in 2000; ironically the same year that the River Cats came into existence, and the last time I came to a ball game in Boise.

Ty Blach was called up today by the Giants, while Jerez is being sent back down. Jerez did not do well in his appearance by blowing a save, but luckily the Giants came back to win giving him his first Major League win. Aaron Phillips was added from San Jose to the River Cats.

River Cats win 8-6.

July 20, 2019

I didn’t get much sleep last night because the hotel I originally booked was a nightmare. The sheets looked stained, and everything just felt dirty from layers of smoke left behind by previous renters. I decided I needed to get out of there and drive around, maybe find a bar to hang out in. When I finally returned, I looked at my bed, and got paranoid as to whether there might be bed bugs, so I decided to strip back the sheets and that was the worst thing I could have done. I cannot describe the scene, but I immediately grabbed my bag and checked out. I ended up parking outside of some warehouse to try to get some sleep for until morning.

I was out looking for breakfast by 6am and had ten hours to kill before I could head out to the ballpark. I was able to find a room at the Motel 6 in Meridian around 8am, but I couldn’t check in until noon. Picked up some McDonald’s breakfast, got my haircut, and then waited around until I could check in to the hotel. This was one of the nicest Motel 6 that I’ve been to. Pretty comparable to the one in Los Angeles that I was at earlier this year during that LAX fiasco.

Just got word that Conner Menez is in San Franscico on the taxi squad and is now actually slated to make his debut tomorrow against the Mets. I wish I could be there but here I am, ten hours away.

Rumors are starting to fly that Zach Green is getting the call up to the Giants tomorrow as well.  What a crazy few hours its been.

Aaron Phillips who started last night’s game was sent back to San Jose after making one appearance and earning a win in Triple-A, good for the kid.

In the year 2000…

Just like the River Cats, my love for Minor League Baseball was born twenty years ago this season, right here in Boise at Memorial Stadium. The place hasn’t changed much except for the sign on the wall.

The first person I ran across was Nestor Rojas who coached for the River Cats last season, and now coaches for Salem-Keizer. We said a quick hello as he started to ready for batting practice.

The Volcanoes came out and started to warm up, and while I waited to see Hunter Bishop, Logan Wyatt, and Alex Canario I noticed how baby faced these players were. Fresh out of college mostly and getting their first taste of pro ball.

Watching batting practice has been relaxing after the trip I’ve had. Hearing the sound of the bat hit the ball, listening to the guys’ chatter, and wondering which of these guys will make it? Which of the maybe two or three players from either team will get to step foot on a Major League to be in the lineup? Yes, there are the obvious choices like Hunter Bishop for the Volcanoes and the Giants number one pick of there is Michael Toglia out of UCLA, the Rockies number one pick of 2019 who plays for the Hawks.

Giants first round pick Hunter Bishop isn’t going to be in the lineup tonight, but I had a chance to talk to him before the game about his transition from college ball to the pro level and how he’s feeling ten games into his career.

“I’ve really liked starting my pro ball career, not that I didn’t like college, but for me I think that pro ball fits me as a person really matches my work ethic. They really put it upon yourself to put in all the work and I pride myself in being the hardest worker on the field, so its been a great transition so far”.

Hunter also credits his brother Braden for helping make the transition easier having been through the entire process himself and is currently playing in Triple-A for the Tacoma Rainiers

I also spoke with Tyler Schempf, a Sacramento native, who plays for the Volcanoes, but was originally drafted by the Oakland A’s out of Capital Christian in the 31st round of the 2014 draft before the Giants signed him out of the University of Texas in the 13th round of 2017.

“It was pretty surreal, obviously it was an awesome opportunity, I grew up a Giants fan, so once I got the call I was like, absolutely. My dad was a big Giants fan, and he passed away so it’s kind of an honor to play for the organization. He was not [able to see me play for the organization] so it’s a lot more meaningful”.

While Tyler is still in Single-A and yet to play at Raley Field as a professional, he shared his memories of Raley Field as both a high school player and a fan.

“Growing up its sad because we always wanted to play at Raley Field. You drive by every day, and you see this beautiful field, so when I got to play in high school a few times as a position player, I got to play in the field and run around in the grass and it was a blast to go into the locker rooms and stuff like that. As a kid I remember seeing the little circle out in left where if anyone hit the ball in they would win cash, so I would always be so excited to see if anyone was going to hit it in there. It was always something to look forward to but going out there all the time with my mom and my dad and sitting out in the grass, those were the best seats, I think. Just getting out there, running around and chasing fly balls”.

The Volcanoes will have Travis Perry on the mound who this season is 2-0 with a 3.00 ERA, and 15 strikeouts in 24 innings of work.

Logan Wyatt is a monster in real life, he is just huge. I’m excited to see how his career plays out. I am also impressed with Alexander Canario who has a powerful swing and amazingly fast.

I just overheard the cutest conversation between a brother and sister who I’m guessing are around 4-6 years old.

Little boy: “He can probably hit a heater, but a curve? And probably not a change”.

Pitcher: *Throws fastball*

Batter: *Swings and misses*

Little girl: “That was a heater”.

Watching this game is difficult. All I can say is that it’s not Triple-A, and you really must see games at different levels to see how good players in Triple-A, and even more so in the Majors really are.

The Volcanoes Franklin Labour just crushed his 14th home run of the season in only his 36th game.

Catcher Brandon Martorano adds to the lead with a two-run home run of his own on the night.

It took ten innings and four hours, but the Volcanoes beat the Hawks by a score of 15-12 tonight.

The River Cats beat the Rainiers 8-4 in Tacoma tonight as well so it’s a good night for Giants Minor League affiliates.

July 21, 2019

Well, it’s official. Conner Menez, and Zach Green will be making their Major League debuts today, and I am stuck traveling back to Sacramento. I’ll be in a total dead zone of the Oregon/Nevada desert, so I won’t be able to listen to the game.

It was just announced that Ryder Jones and Derek Holland have been DFA’d today as well. Ryder played in Sacramento on opening night and then went down with an injury. He started a rehab with San Jose, and then to Richmond, and it appears that will be it for him. I haven’t looked at his numbers this season, but that is a big surprise to me. I had been wondering what was going to happen when Ryder returned but apparently, he isn’t going to return, and that answers that.

Today is also the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Before I leave Boise, I make sure to grab a pizza from Flying Pie, hands down my favorite pizza ever.

On the road again.

July 22, 2019

The River Cats have an off day today but start a three-game series in Fresno tomorrow. They are currently ahead of the Grizzlies by two games so this is another big series. As exciting as the past few days have been with the call ups, the Yaz walk off in the Giants game last night, and the Cats sweeping the Rainiers this weekend, I think what’s being lost is how will all these moves affect the River Cats?

Losing our best pitcher, and our biggest power bat, not to downplay Shaw at all, but in the terms that Green has been here all year. It will be interesting to see who comes in, and how the team moves forward.

The River Cats just tweeted out that something big is coming. People are speculating that someone may be given a promotion to Triple-A, but I’m sure it’s more of a special appearance or event. I’ve never seen them make an announcement to look for something big whenever a player is coming on a rehab or being called up.

Conner Menez was optioned back to Sacramento after his amazing debut and it looks like it’s because the Giants have a couple of days off which allows them not to need a fifth starter, and they have called up Sam Coonrod. Menez should be in line to pitch Friday night when the River Cats come back for a three-game series against Tacoma. It will be the first time the fans get to see Mac Williamson again as well with his new team.

The River Cats made their announcement. The Giants will play a scrimmage in Sacramento on March 22, 2020.

July 23, 2019

Pavs is announcing that Mac Williamson is headed to Korea to play ball. It’s kind of fitting that his final game this season for Tacoma was against the River Cats on Sunday. Tacoma is coming into Sacramento this weekend, and I was really hoping that we would have had a chance to see Mac again, but I bet that he will destroy the KBO.

River Cats start a three-game series against the Grizzlies today in Fresno in a battle for first place. I really need to get down to one of these games, but I’m not sure if I will. I’m still a little tired from the trip to Boise. Andrew Suarez is getting the start and he will be facing Logan Ondrusek for Fresno.

The River Cats start their scoring early as Avelino opens the game with a single, and after Rickard strikes out, he is knocked in by Mike Gerber who hits a two-run home run.

Chris Shaw doubles and moves over to third on a single by Aramis Garcia but that will be all for Sacramento in the first.

Fresno wastes no time in getting on the board here in the bottom of the first as Matt Reynolds homers on a 2-1 count and the score is now 2-1.

Levi Michael reaches on an error by third baseman Brandon Snyder to start off the second and makes it to second on the play.

Andrew Suarez with a nice sacrifice bunt moves him over to third, one out.

Avelino with a ground ball to Kieboom at short who goes to the plate, but Michael beats the throw, Avelino is safe on first, and the River Cats now lead 3-1.

Rickard hits a sharp liner right back to Ondrusek who flips it to first to double up Avelino who left on the pitch.

Okay, I don’t know what happened, I went to dinner.

The score is now 4-3 Sacramento as we go into the bottom of the ninth.

The Grizzlies are down to their last three outs and the River Cats are bringing in Gustave to close this out.

Matt Reynolds leads off the bottom of the ninth for Fresno and grounds one back to Gustave who throws to first for the out.

Base hit by Jake Noll to left.

Kieboom up, and he hits one to Adames who throws to second for the lead runner, and Kieboom is safe at first. Two down and Jose Marmolejos coming to bat.

Base hit Marmolejos, and Kieboom is held up at second.

That’s going to bring out Steve Kline as Brandon Snyder comes to bat. Snyder is 2-4 on the night.

Base hit Snyder.

Game tied.

Gustave ends the inning by getting Yadiel Hernandez to fly out to Rickard in left center, and we’re going to the tenth inning.

The River Cats have Aramis Garcia starting the inning on second base. Henry Ramos, Levi Michael, and the pitcher’s spot are due up.

Henry Ramos down the line to right, Garcia easily scores to give the River Cats the lead, but Ramos is thrown out at third as he tries to stretch the double into a triple. The Cats now lead 5-4.

Levi Michael goes down swinging for the second out.

Francisco Pena will be pinch hitting for Gustave and it looks like Okert is warming up in the pen.

Home run Pena and the River Cats lead 6-4.

Base hit Avelino! Snyder gets a piece of his glove on it but it gets by him into left.

The Fresno pitching coach heads out for a visit.

Rickard up to bat and Avelino steals second on the first pitch to get into scoring position.

Deep to left and Rickard hits a two-run home run to extend the lead to 8-4.

Base hit for Gerber and that will be all for Derek Self as the Grizzlies go to Joan Baez out of the pen.

Baez gets Shaw to fly out to end the inning. The Grizzlies have an uphill battle in the bottom of the tenth. They’ll have Brandon Snyder on second and Taylor Gushue coming to bat.

Okert comes in for the River Cats as expected to replace Gustave here in the tenth.

Gushue just teed off on that pitch to send it over the right centerfield wall and its 8-6. This is stressful.

After walking Gonzalez, Ray Black comes into the game and closes it out for the River Cats to pick up the save as the River Cats win 8-6. The River Cats now lead Fresno by four games.

July 24, 2019

The River Cats are going for their fifth straight win tonight. Yoanys Quiala is on the mound, and it’s become a bit questionable as to how he will perform each night lately. The Grizzlies will be looking to Ben Braymer to take care of the River Cats.

There were no runs scored in the first three innings tonight, but then it was all River Cats as they would steam roll over the Grizzlies by a score of 9-1 backed by three home runs.  Gerber got it going in the fifth, and back-to-back bombs by Pena and Adames in the eighth. The River Cats would go on to score four more in the ninth while the Grizzlies lone run came in the bottom of the fourth when Marmolejos knocked in Kieboom on a ground out to second.

July 25, 2019

The River Cats have a five-game winning streak going, so let’s see if they can make it six and extend the lead over Fresno to five games before the weekend series against Tacoma.

Dereck Rodriguez gets the ball today and he will be going against Wil Crowe.

The pitchers have been dealing as we go into the top of the sixth still tied at 0-0.

Shaw starts off the sixth with a triple to right.

Pena pops it up to Kieboom at short for out number one.

Base hit Adames and the River Cats score first, 1-0.

Ramos grounds into a double play on the next pitch but the Cats are on the board.

Great outing by Dereck Rodriguez who goes six complete without allowing a run. Dillon McNamara will take over here in the seventh.

Marmolejos immediately ties this game up with his 14th home run.

McNamara gives up a solo home run to Brandon Snyder before getting out of the inning the the Grizzlies lead 2-1.

The Grizzlies would add one more in the bottom of the eight on an RBI double from Jake Noll and break the River Cats winning streak as this game ends by a score of 3-1 Fresno.

The River Cats still lead Fresno by three games but I’m getting a little worried that the bullpen is reverting to what they were like at the beginning of the year. I don’t know if its fatigue or that players are facing the dog days of summer. Venditte is out for an indefinite amount of time due to his wife’s health, and Coonrod is up with the Giants. Even Selman who has been lights out has not been his usual self the last couple of outings.

The River Cats will be coming home for three games before they head out on the road again. August will be filled with home games once they get back from their next trip, and that will lead us into the final weeks of the season and hopefully the playoffs.

July 26, 2019

It’s hot. This whole weekend is going to be hot.

I wonder if the heat had anything to do with Williams Jerez shaving off his beard. He looks ten years younger and about twenty pounds lighter without it.

Conner Menez is scheduled to pitch tonight. This will be his first appearance since making his Major League debut last week. He’ll be facing the Tacoma Rainers who have former River Cats Kelby Tomlinson in the lineup and Hunter Strickland is on a rehab assignment. I don’t think he will pitch tonight since he did last night.

Menez walks the first batter, but they pick him off as he took off early and they get him at second. It actually looked close, and I think that he actually got in there, but who am I and why would I complain if it’s in the River Cats favor?

Chris Shaw puts some run on the boards early with a three-run bomb that just gets out fair down the right field line, and its 3-0 after the first.

There is a kid over here that just will not be quiet; even the players who reach base look at him in annoyance. I need to get out of this well and head behind the plate or something. I need some better pictures of Menez anyway.

The Rainiers scored three runs between the second and fourth innings. Menez is not himself tonight. He is in line for the win, but his overall performance is not what we are used to.

Rickard gets a run back here in the bottom of the fourth to make it 6-3 when he knocks in Michael.

Chris Shaw follows that with a bloop double to left field that scores Rickard, 7-3.

Francisco Pena just hit a mammoth two-run home run and its 9-3 after four complete.

Steven Okert comes into the game to replace Menez in the top of the fifth, and with this appearance, Okert sets the record for most appearances by a River Cats player in his 187th career game. The previous record of 186 was held by Ron Flores who pitched here from 2003-2007.

The River Cats started the bottom of the fifth with a fly out by Aramis Garcia but managed to get the bases loaded with singles by Avelino and Michael before Duggar reached with a walk.

Rickard hit the ball wall to right, but Jake Fraley made an outstanding catch for the first out, Avelino scores on the tag and Rickard is credited with a sacrifice, 10-3 River Cats.

Gerber hits home run number 23 on the very next pitch! A three-run shot to make it 13-3.

The Rainiers get out of the inning with a strike out to Shaw.

Selman comes into the game in the seventh and makes easy work of the order and strikes out Jaycob Brugman to end the inning.

Avelino starts off the bottom of the seventh with a base hit to left.

Levi Michael pops one up to right that should be an easy out, but Fraley drops the ball. Avelino who was headed back to first now hustles back to second and dives in just barely beating the throw and not be forced out at second.

Kelby Tomlinson is not happy with the call and is letting the umpire know about it. Tacoma’s manager comes out to try to smooth things out as well.

Watching the replay here in the press box it looks like that was the correct call.

Duggar gets a base hit to center and its 14-3.

That is Duggar’s first hit of the night, but he also has four walks. The record for most walks in game in the PCL is five and was last tied in 2014.

Base hit by Gerber loads the bases and that will be it for Andrew Moore as the Rainiers will go to the bullpen for Matt Festa.

Chris Shaw is up and is a triple shy of a cycle, which is not common for him, but he did hit one last night in Fresno.

 Shaw misses a triple but how about a two run double! He has six RBI tonight, and it is now 16-3 River Cats in the bottom of the seventh.

Pena walks, and Adames grounds into a double play to end the inning.

Tyler Rogers comes into the game for the eighth and sets the Rainiers down in order with two strikeouts. 

Aramis goes down swinging for out number one here in the eighth.

Avelino hits a screamer of the foot of Rainiers third baseman Chris Mariscal who gets charged with an error on that. Tough scorekeeper.

Levi Michael is hit by the pitch, and we have two on for Duggar. 

Well, Duggar does get his fifth walk of the night tying a PCL record and setting a River Cats team record, and now the bases are load with Rickard coming to bat.

Darin Gillies comes in to pitch for Tacoma.

Rickard grounds to shortstop Kelby Tomlinson who flips to second for the force on Duggar. Avelino, and Rickard is on first with a fielder’s choice and picks up his third RBI. 

Gerber with a base hit to right which scores Levi Michael and its 18-3.

Shaw is coming up for his sixth at bat of the night and still a triple shy of the cycle.

Ian Miller ends the inning on a nice running catch off Shaw’s bat. Shaw ends the night going 4-6 with two doubles, a homerun, and six RBI.

Gustave in close this one out, and he sets them down 1-2-3 to seal the 18-3 victory.

Fresno loses in Reno and the Cats now have a four-game lead in the standings.

In other news around the league, Las Vegas has hit 11 homeruns tonight which is a new Pacific Coast League record.

July 27, 2019

Its already hot and it’s going to get hotter. We are going to reach 104 today, and we are currently at 100. The weather reporter in the pre-game says that the temperature will drop to 79 by the end of the game. Thanks. Just when we need it most.

Ty Blach was scheduled to throw today against Tacoma, but he was DFA’d to make room for Logan Webb on the 40-man roster after coming back from his 80-game suspension. I broke a Pavs tweet today announcing this by replying, “Get rid of the Preacher for the Cheater. Good times”. Not that I really mind Blach being DFA’d as he certainly has not been the strongest arm in the rotation.

Today is Faith & Families night at the ballpark, or as I like to call, “Christian Sing-Song Day”.

Enderson Franco gets the ball today, and he will be facing Mike Wright Jr.

Will Clark who is here as a roving instructor for the Giants came over and started talking to me and Bridget and asking us about what we did and who we worked for. We each told him, and I was fangirling the whole time while telling him about the book. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and he was so funny the whole night in the dugout. Nothing like the image he gave off as a player to my recollection. I do not mean that in a negative way, he was a winner, and it was his intensity that made him that, but it’s always nice to see the human side to these players. One thing I will say is that he sure does not have a filter.

The Cats lose 5-2.

I guess they kind of tried to make a comeback, but then Tacoma brought is Gerson Bautista in the bottom of the seventh to replace McKay with one out and runners on. A wild pitch and an infield single to Avelino to scored two, but I am not even sure if Avelino was safe at first. A headlong dive into the bag and he was called safe by the first base umpire. Once that was out of Bautista’s system, he lit up the radar, and that is when I took notice.

In the words of Conner McGregor, “Who the fook is this guy”? Bautista came out throwing bullets hitting 101mph but hovering around 98-100 for most of his pitches. He also has a changeup which drops to 78.

In the bottom of the eighth for the second out, he struck out Rickard on three pitches for the second out. Change, change, and everyone knew it, Rickard knew it, everyone who was watching knew it, the fastball was coming, and Rickard swung right through for out number two. This guy is just nasty.

July 28, 2019

Its Sunday and we usually have a family sit down breakfast, but I did not wake up until 10am and I had to leave for the ballpark soon. This weekend the Cats are selling a Bourbon Bacon Maple Bar Cheeseburger, and I need to try it even though its $13.

It is a hot day. There is hardly anyone in the stands, but every piece of shade is occupied. The players are wearing their Dorados jerseys, and they are wearing them just about unbuttoned to their belly buttons. Chris Shaw looks like he is trying to be a bigger version of Garrett Stubbs, or Tony Montana with how much chest he is showing.

Suarez gets the start for the River Cats, and Freeman is stuck behind the plate. No matter the outcome of the game, Freeman is the hero of the day. I cannot tell you how hot it is, and it is not that its only around 100 today, so far. The high is supposed to be 104 and its gross out right now at this 1:05pm start.

Not much going on again like last night, but the Rainiers get on the board first in the top of the second on an RBI single by Jordan Pacheco.

It is the top of the third and I just cannot take this heat. I am trying to get a picture of Cristhian Adames because he asked me too for his Adames batting gloves brand, so I am waiting around.

I am dying already.

I have gotten a few shots in for Adames, but I hope they are good because I have given up in the middle of the third and head up to the press box and grab myself a drink.

Bottom of the fourth and Pena reaches.

Cristhian Adames pops one up and the right and center fielders as well as the second baseman are on the chase, and it falls between them all! It should have been the right fielder’s as he stopped up short to let the second baseman take it.

Ramos comes up with a hit and makes a wide turn and tries to go to second, Pena is being held at third, and Ramos is hung up between first and second and is tagged out.

One out and runners in scoring position for Avelino.

The Cats are still down by one.

Avelino walks and the bases are full for Ronnie Freeman.

Heat aside, maybe Freeman will be the real hero of the game anyway.

Ronnie with a single to left that scores two!!

Levi Michael doubles and scores Avelino to make it 3-1. That botched pop up by Kopech has come back to haunt Tacoma.

Sac fly by Gerber and Freeman scores. it is now 4-1!

Joey Rickard has a 12-game hitting streak, make that 13, and he hits one over the head of the right fielder for a stand-up triple that scores Gerber, 5-1!

The Rainiers go to the bullpen and Ryan Garton comes in to replace Darren McCaughan.

Garton gets Shaw to go down on swinging to end the inning.

Base hit by Eric Filia to start off the top of the fifth for the Rainiers.

Jordan Pacheco with a double down the third baseline that Adames is questioning with the umpire but with no replay the play stands and the Rainiers have runners at second and third to start the inning with no outs.

Chris Mariscal bounces to Avelino and he throws home to get Filia for the out at the plate!

Kelby Tomlinson comes up with one out. He is 0-1 today.

Kelby singles up the middle and Rickard bobbles the ball allowing Pacheco to score and its now 5-2. Tomlinson gets the hit but does not get the RBI.

Steve Kline comes to check on Suarez who it feels like he has been out there forever, but it’s only been 64 pitches. It is just hot and this day is going by slow.

Phew! Ian Miller just missed a three-run bomb that went foul down the right field line. He is the leadoff man, but he has nine home runs this season.

No one is warming the Cats pen at this time.

Miller grounds into a double play to Michael who shovels it to Avelino and that Cats get out of the inning.

Back-to-back walks here in the bottom of the fifth to Pena and Adames for the River Cats.

Ramos up to bat.

Ramos reaches on a fielder’s choice, but the Rainiers get Adames out at second for the first out.

Avelino battles for nine pitches which results in a line drive base hit, and he drives in Pena to make it 6-2.

Suarez comes back out in the sixth after a long break there in the fifth. Still no one warming up in the pen. Suarez has only thrown 71 pitches, with 47 of those for strikes.

Suarez comes back out for the seventh. I think it is time to pull him.

Someone is starting to get loose there in the bullpen for the Cats. Looks like a righty but not sure who.

Andreoli hits a shot to Adames at third who cannot field it cleanly and gets an error. Wow! That ball was a rocket.

Line drive to Pena off the bat of Filia, and Pena quickly steps on first for the unassisted double play as Andreoli has no time to make it back to the bag.

Two out!

Jordan Pacheco gets a double and that is it for Suarez. Six and two third innings, and he is responsible for Pacheco.

Ray Black comes in.

Three pitches are all it takes for Black to strike out Mariscal to end the inning. The score is still 6-2 Sacramento through seven.

Abad comes in for Black and strikes out the side in the bottom of the ninth to end the game.

The River Cats win this one by a score of 6-2 and if the Grizzlies lose tonight, the Cats will be five games up in the standings.

Just an update, Ryder Jones cleared waivers and is assigned to Richmond.

July 29, 2019

No game today.

July 30, 2019

The road trip that the Cats start today is one of their toughest tests, especially as they try to stay in first place. They will be taking on San Antonio (67-40) for four games, followed by Round Rock (63-44) for three games. They are 1st and 2nd respectively in the PCL American Southern Division.

24 hours until the trade deadline this year. No moves yet with the Giants, but talks are heating up about Bumgarner to Houston, but more interestingly which prospects go? How will any trade affect the River Cats line up?

Austin Slater has been optioned; Tyler Austin has been DFA’d.

I was not able to catch the game tonight, but the River Cats lose the first game of the series to San Antonio by a score of 8-4. They did have a tough hill to climb as they faced Corbin Burnes for the Missions on a rehab start.

July 31, 2019

Today is Major League Baseball’s trade deadline and Sam Selman has been added to the taxi squad in the event that the Giants make any major trades today, so he is headed to Philadelphia with Ray Black. After eight years in the Minors, Selman may finally get his Major League debut. 

Pavs says that Suarez and Gustave are also on the squad, and that Dereck Rodriguez is scheduled to start tomorrow for the Giants. So, let us look at who is gone from the River Cats roster before this game. Rodriguez, Selman, Suarez, Gustave, and Black.

Update! The Giants and Brewers have made a trade. Drew Pomeranz and Ray Black will be headed to Milwaukee in exchange for Mauricio Dubon who is, was, the shortstop for the Missions last night, and a Sacramento native originally from Honduras. Last night Dubon went 1-4 with a walk for the Missions against the River Cats, and tonight he is in the Cats lineup hitting second against the Missions.

Melvin Adon who has been pitching in Richmond has also been added to the taxi squad to replace Black. Adon throws 102mph, but the last time I saw him in San Jose last year he could not hit the broad side of the barn.

Since the Cats are in San Antonio, which is the Triple-A affiliate for Milwaukee, it will be interesting to see if Black will be added in time to the Missions roster and if he will be called in to pitch against the River Cats before they leave town. It’s reported that he is on his way back from Philadelphia now.

Other trades made by the Giants include sending Sam Dyson to Minnesota for outfielder Jaylin Davis, and pitchers Prelander Berroa and Kai-Wei Tang. Davis has been at Triple-A Rochester all season and is a power hitter, so I’m assuming that he is headed to Sacramento.

Same goes for Joe McCarthy who the Giants picked up from the Rays for Jacob Lopez. All I know about Joe is that he has a younger brother named Jake who is pretty good. I’m expecting the pitchers to be assigned to A-ball.

As for tonight’s Giants game, Rodriguez, Gustave, and Suarez are activated. Selman must wait another day.

All right, another update. Slater who was originally being sent down last night is now in the Giants line up as Dickerson is being scratched.

In other news, former River Cats player Breyvic Valera has been called up by the Yankees. I have always thought he had a great bat, but his fielding was horrible.

The River Cats beat the Missions tonight by a score of 5-2. Four of those home runs came off three homeruns between Chris Shaw, and two from Francisco Pena. The two also went back-to-back to open up the top of the fourth. Pena was 3-4 with three RBI and the two home runs on the night.